Joint Pain and Magnesium

That feeling of waking up in the morning, unable to stretch particular joints/muscles without wincing in pain. Have the words or feelings of osteoporosis, bursitis, gout or rheumatoid arthritis been apart of your life for a while now?

Irrespective of what the cause (or the name) of the pain is Magnesium could offer hope that you could one day be pain free, or at least have it reduced, feel like you are back to yourself again.

Perhaps the main reason of your symptoms is still misunderstood, or an easy convenient diagnosis is not clear, or for years you have been on prescription medication yet still experiencing joint pain and stiffness.

Many of the symptoms people experience with joint pain are very similar to those with Magnesium deficiency.  By no means will this always be the cause but we do know that topical Magnesium may often be very effective at easing and alleviating those same symptoms. 

Magnesium has anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties. It reduces the inflammation caused at the joints and eases the pain, soreness and redness around the joint to great extent. In addition to this, it also regulates the calcium levels in the body which helps in maintain bone and joint health.

From all the incredible feedback we have had with those finding joint pain relief, we would love for you to give it a try, even if it reduces one of your symptoms it’s worth it!!

We suggest you start with the smallest combo of Mg12 MagneSports Oil and Balm and apply to the affected area at least 2/3 times a day (massage in oil first, then after 1 minute or so, apply the balm).  Our Bath Salts are also a great way to top up your Magnesium levels.

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Read our incredible testimonial from Bess E:

I have been diagnosed with Arthritis in my left knee. I was limping and in pain from the knee down.  I couldn't sleep well at nights with my whole leg aching and in pain. I would have to rub my muscles to try and soothe this, plus sleep with a hot water bottle. I tried all the different creams/balms associated with Arthritis, you name it, but was getting nowhere. Since using Mg12 I have my legs and life back!  I have been using the balm and oil morning and night.  I no longer have sleepless nights, I can bend my knee and walk without limping, I can even do my dusting without being on the floor and dragging my feet about.  Such wonderful relief. I would highly recommend this product to my friends and family. Thank you sincerely