Magnesium Oil verses Tablets & Powders

Magnesium Oil verses Tablets/Pills & Powders

There are a lot of questions marks for people who want to start taking a magnesium supplements and we’d like to help you find some answers. You’ve probably debated whether to go with a tablets/powder or a topical oil/spray?

Adding a magnesium supplement to your daily routine can have some amazing benefits, helping lower your stress levels, improve the quality of your sleep, soothe your sore muscles and balance calcium levels, just to name a few.

There is growing research that shows that Magnesium Chloride which is applied via the skin (topically), has maximum absorption rates, as a result it goes straight into the bloodstream and is delivered to the cells that need it, therefore it bypasses the digestive system.  Subsequently it works far more effectively than oral supplements, which have very poor absorption rates with up to 90% getting lost in the digestive system, what a waste…(and an $ expensive wee)! 

Magnesium is hugely beneficial for overall well-being, not just pain relief, so apply it daily to top up your Magnesium levels. 

It is important to ensure that your body has the Magnesium that it needs to function optimally, so you may need to experiment with dosage until you find the balance that leaves you feeling your best. We have found approx 8-10 sprays daily, spread over morning (for energy) and night (for relaxation) works best for us, so keep it next to your bed/toothbrush as a daily reminder.

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