How Mg12 can help relieve Raynaud's Phenomenon

What is Raynaud's Phenomenon? (also known as Raynaud's Disease or Syndrome).

Raynaud's Phenomenon is a condition which causes blood vessels in certain areas of the bodies extremities (mainly the hands or feet) to overreact to the cold, causing numbness/tingling and pain. Although the exact cause is relatively unknown, it affects some people when they are exposed to the cold temperatures or stress.

The blood vessels constrict tightly, starving the tissues of blood causing the characteristic blueish, white or reddish colour change.  Once the area is warmed, the blood can return, but most likely accompanied by a painful throbbing as the blood is pushing through the still partially closed blood vessels.


A simple solution to help those suffering.

Alas, there is a new tool in the tool bag to help fight Raynaud’s. Mg12 Dead Sea Magnesium Oil Spray, Balm & Salts Supplements (100% natural/organic), work in such a simplistic way. Magnesium Chloride (the main ingredient in our Mg12 Dead Sea Supplements) is a very strong vasodilator, which dilates and relaxes the blood vessels. 

The main complication of Raynaud’s phenomenon is the tightening of the blood vessels and Magnesium incurs the opposite effect. This essentially could stop Raynaud’s in its tracks. Also, the best part about Mg12 Products is that you directly apply it to the areas of pain.

The requirement for magnesium increases with physical and emotional stress, both of which are also known to trigger episodes of Raynaud’s.

Suggested application methods of Mg12 Magnesium Oil/Balm

For the best results, if you feel the imminent affects of Raynaud's coming, apply Mg12 MagneSoothe Oil or Balm directly to the area of discomfort as often as required .

For the symptomatic relief apply daily to assist in the maintenance/or improvement of general well-being.

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