Suggested Application Methods of Products

Use DAILY for the replenishment of Magnesium as it is vital for over 300 metabolic functions in our body, it is essential for the body to operate effectively. Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body, required for 1200 out of 1600 bodily functions.  (Initially, give it at least 30 days of daily use, it takes time to increase magnesium levels in the body).

Magnesium is a medical wonder that is now widely available, one that is vastly cheaper, safe and more effective than anything the pharmaceutical companies have been able to develop – Dr Mark Sircus (Author of Transdermal Magnesium Therapy).


  • For overall general health and well-being, in the morning massage Mg12 Magnesoothe spray into tops of feet, behind knees and on the inside of your elbows and wrists (your pulse points).  At night massage into the lower half of the body, on tops or bottom of feet, behind knees and lower back.
  • To improve quality of sleep, massage Mg12 Magnesoothe balm on lower half of the body, on tops or bottom of feet, back of knees and lower back, 10 mins before sleep. May also relieve Restless Legs, Cramps, Growing Pains at night.  Great also to help calm Kids.
  • To prepare your body for a strenuous sporting event/exercise session, massage in Mg12 Magnesports spray to back of legs, lower back and base of neck/shoulder blades. Then straight after the event for general aches, pains and discomfort, massage in Mg12 Magnesports spray, followed by the Mg12 Magnesports balm directly on the affected area. A bath soak with a handful of Mg12 MagneSport Bath Salts could also be very beneficial for your recovery.
  • In times of stress, headache or migraine, massage Mg12 Magnesoothe spray or Mg12 Magnesport balm on the back of your neck/shoulders and on your forehead/temples (or where direct pain occurs).  For PMS symptoms relief massage Mg12 Magnesoothe spray directly onto lower tummy area.  Safe to use during pregnancy.
  • When in need of relaxation, after exercise or times of stress, shower, bathe, or use in a footspa, Mg12 Soap or Mg12 Magnesoothe Bath Salts
  • For general aches, joint pains and discomfort, massage Mg12 Magnesport spray, followed by Mg12 Magnesports balm directly on the affected area, (ideally twice a day).  May also relieve Arthritis Pain and Fibromyalgia.
  • Beneficial also for Animals (dogs, cats and horses), applied under front legs, belly & groin, for joint pain relief & reducing nervousness/anxiety.
  • For skin conditions (acne/psoriasis/eczema etc) massage Mg12 Magnesoothe balm directly to the area, let it soak in 10 mins, and wipe off the excess with a towel.

 As Magnesium can assist in creating energy in the body, it’s best to use only on the lower body at night for relaxation and sleep.  Apply anywhere, as needed, during the day.

The Tingle - One in 100 people may experience itching or tingling with the first use of Magnesium spray.  This is quite harmless and can be remedied by applying the product to slightly wet skin, or dilute the spray with 50% water, or massage in with coconut oil or your own moisturizer, or use our Mg12 balm products for the first few weeks. After this you can continue daily at full strength.

Results may vary for each individual.  Consult your health professional if you are taking any medicine or are under medical care, have very low blood pressure or renal failure, before using any natural remedy.

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