Mg12 Magnesium MagneSport Bath Salts
Mg12 Magnesium - MagneSport Bath Salts
Mg12 Magnesium MagneSport Bath Salts

Mg12 MagneSport Dead Sea Bath Salts (1kg)

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1kg Mg12 MagneSport Bath Salts

Our Mg12 Bath Salts are there for you when you need to switch-off and de-stress your mind and body. For the ultimate, luxurious relaxation, treat yourself, you deserve it, 20 minutes of you time.

Made from pure, unrefined, unprocessed & undiluted organically sourced Magnesium Chloride Salts, from the waters of the Dead Sea.

Ingredients: 100% Natural Magnesium Chloride plus naturally occurring trace minerals.

Bath Soak: Soak your whole body in warm bath water for 20 minutes with approx ½ cup of bath salts.

Foot Soak: Soak your feet in warm bath water or foot bath (or even a bucket/bowl) for 20 minutes with a couple of tablespoons of Bath Salts.

How long will this last? This 1kg Bath Salts will provide you with approx 10 luxurious soaks or 30+ foot soaks.  

If you don’t have a Bath, try our Mg12 MagneSport Magnesium Oil or Balm (applied directly to the skin), so you can still get the incredible benefits of Magnesium to help relax your muscles, prevent cramping and relieve the nervous system, to help you unwind.

We have chosen the Dead Sea as the source of our magnesium chloride because along with its unsurpassed purity, it also contains a unique combination of 20+ macro and micro minerals that have been known for providing health benefits for thousands of years. 

 *flowers are not included.

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