About Us

About Us
We are an Australian, family-run and owned company, based in Brisbane, Queensland. Six months ago we met with family friends, the Company's USA based owners, they introduced us to Mg12, we tried and loved the products so much we have become the Australian Representative's of Mg12. We are now committed to enhancing the lives of others, as we introduced these amazing products to the rest of our wonderful country, to show them the outstanding affects that 100% natural Magnesium can have on the body.


Our Mission
Since 2006, Mg12 have been committed to enhancing the lives of others in need. We do this by making products that can safely improve conditions necessary for better health. With our magnesium oil products, we hope to do this in a kind and charitable manner, thus making many friends in the process. The magnesium oil products we have assembled are powerful weapons in the war for good heath and our hope is that it will help you, as they have helped others, to achieve your own personal optimum level of health, naturally.


Our Story

Two and a half years ago, Magnesoothe completely transformed our friend & owner of the Company, Tom Strader's life, so he bought the company and is spreading the word about these amazing Dead Sea mineral products. Our mission at Mg¹² is to bring the all-natural magnesium-rich topical supplements into the homes of all that are deficient — AND 80% OF US ARE DEFICIENT IN MAGNESIUM.

Our Brand Promise